What Foods Are Healthy:
Making This Key Distinction

What foods are healthy, really? This is one of the most commonly asked questions for today's average person who wants to find a way to add true, good foods to their diet. The question is important because so many food that you think are healthy for you may not be. How can this happen? In short, some foods may contain healthy nutrients but they may be chemically based. Other foods have too many "bad" qualities about them that outweigh the few good things. As you consider the foods you eat each day, do you know which are actually healthy?

  • Whole foods are the single most healthy food choice you can make. This is food that contains nothing but natural ingredients. You should know the names on the ingredient list.

  • Choose foods that are mostly alkaline. A low pH level is important for the human body and thus, 80 percent of your food should be alkaline based.

  • Look for foods that are unprocessed. They need to be filled with real nutrients that nature gave them, not chemical products that promise to be healthy choices but contain poor nutrient levels.

One of the things people need to realize is that organic foods are not necessarily much better than your traditional processed foods. The fact is, healthy foods are foods that are whole foods, without any type of additive or change to their composition. These foods are filled with what nature gave them, and that often means that you have a strong presence of nutrition. The problem with organic foods is that these foods are often grown in depleted soil, thus the product itself is less nutrient rich than you may think.

What Is The Best Composition?

In order to know which foods are the healthiest choices for you, focus first on the foods that are fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains in their natural, whole forms. These foods pack the nutrition your body needs and leave out the high acids.

Ask Questions

When you ask, what foods are healthy, you are finding information that can help you to make key decisions about your health. In other words, you are asking questions that can help you to make better decisions. Avoid taking what is on the label as the truth or believing that the word natural on a label is enough. Find a quality, all natural health food store to buy all of your nutritious foods from.

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