Low Acid Foods:
What Foods Balance Your pH

Low acid foods should be the main focus of your diet. The body's pH level should be about 7.4. This does make it more alkaline than acidic, thus the importance of eating foods that are lower in acid levels. Your body does need some acid foods, to keep the pH level balanced, but only 20 percent of your diet should come from those sources. This may leave you wondering what healthy foods to eat.

Good low acidic foods include many of the following. Keep in mind that your body needs to have these good sources of food from whole, all natural sources. If you are not eating foods that are all natural, you are missing out on important nutrients and could be getting high acid levels anyway.

  • Most dairy products are low in acid and that includes cheese and butter. However avoid those that combine sugars, such as ice cream, since these have added acidic properties.

  • Fruits are a good source of nutrition. Choose items like papayas, raspberries and prunes. You may want to choose strawberries, apples and bananas too.

  • Seeds and nuts should be a part of your diet. There are a few to avoid, though, including pecans, walnuts and cashews since these are higher in acid than others.

Choosing foods to eat is a critical component to maintaining your health. Be sure to choose foods that offer all around good health, and even concentrated benefits. This will provide you with the biggest improvement in your health.

Balancing Your Diet

Eating natural health food is an important way to get the pH balance that your body needs. To accomplish this, focus on eating foods that are alkaline naturally. In addition to this, you may want to supplement your body's intake of foods with supplements, but choose only those that are all natural and from a trusted, natural health food store.

Finding Your Way

A good diet will contain a balance of good foods for you. Avoid soda, sugary foods or those that are loaded with pesticides and chemicals. Choose low acid foods for most of your diet and ensure that your body is getting the necessary nutrition through supplements. Foods high in uric acid may need to be avoided by some. For others, choosing foods that have concentrated antioxidants and live enzymes is critical. It is this combination of healthy foods that can help your body to maintain or improve health.

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