Heart Healthy Snacks:
Keep Your Heart Working
At Its Best

Heart healthy snacks not only can taste great but they can help you to strengthen your body's health and keep your heart pumping properly. There are numerous types of nutrients that you get from food that can help to reduce your chances of developing heart disease or other unhealthy cardiovascular conditions. It is up to you to choose foods that are able to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to protect your heart.

Whenever you are choosing snacks, consider how well the foods you choose can add to your heart's health. Here are some nutrients that are vital to heart health that your food intake needs to provide, regardless of if they are snacks or parts of meals.

  • Vitamin C helps to promote the strength of your heart.

  • Vitamin E helps to fight free radicals in your body that can lead to heart disease. This antioxidant is important to preventing this condition.

  • Calcium is an important nutrient that keeps your heart pumping at its best.

  • Magnesium helps to improve the electrical system function of your heart and can help to fight heart problems.

  • L-Carnitine helps to increase the production of heart tissue in your body, keeping your heart strong.

  • Fish oil is incredibly valuable because of its source of omega-3 fatty acids which can protect your heart.

These nutrients are important because they keep your heart healthy and help you to remain healthy longer. Each and every type of nutrient in your diet should promote health.

pH Levels Matter Too

To keep your body working at its best and to keep inflammation low, focus on foods that are low in acid. Your diet should be 80 percent alkaline foods and just 20 percent acidic foods. When you balance this, you are able to contribute to the health of your heart and its overall function. Choose foods that are free of sugars, artificial flavorings and isolated nutrients. Low pH level foods are those without these ingredients.

Choosing Heart Healthy Foods

So, which are healthy snacks for your heart? Focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes as your main source of food since these are alkaline foods and full of nutrients your heart needs. Heart healthy snacks are best when they are whole foods. In other words, choose foods that are the least processed as possible to ensure you get all of the natural benefits of the food possible.

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