Healthy Fruit Drinks:
Not Your Typical Product

Finding healthy fruit drinks is not the easiest process possible. The fact is, there are many products that claim to be fruit based and thus healthy options for you. Before you turn to your favorite apple juice or other fruit flavored drink, realize that you may actually be putting bad stuff into your body rather than good. How can this happen?

Many of the products you find in your traditional grocery store are lacking in the way of nutrients. They simply do not offer you the nutrients you think they do, or they may have nutrients but they have so many negative aspects about them that this limits your overall success. You cannot get just the good without the bad. Here are some tips to consider when buying any type of fruit drink.

  • Be sure it is a truly whole food. That means that it is not combined with anything else that takes away from its "whole" natural composition. This ensures it is as healthy as possible.

  • Many fruit drinks only are partially fruit. Some may say they are made with artificial flavors, for example or may be fruit-based. Look for those that are 100 percent fruit.

  • Be sure to avoid any type of fruit drink that has added sugars. In addition to this, you want to choose drinks that do not have added chemicals, preservatives or caffeine.

Sugar is the bad part of many fruit drinks and you may have no idea that it is there. Artificial sweeteners are not okay even if they are supposed to be healthy options.

Reading Labels Can Help

Before you buy your next batch of what you think are healthy drinks, turn them around and read the label. You should recognize the foods listed in the ingredients section. If not, they may have chemical properties. Avoid those products and choose only all natural, whole food choices instead.

What To Watch For

Remember the importance of balancing the pH level in your body by consuming mostly alkaline foods. Keep the sugar content as low as possible in any type of drink you consume. This will make the biggest difference in your health. Find a quality, all natural health food provider to buy the healthy fruit drinks you want and need. The good news is that they will likely taste great as well. You will find a wide range of options to choose from, too.

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