Foods High In Folic Acid:
What To Look For

Foods high in folic acid are an important part of any diet. Folic acid, or folate, are essential, for example, in pregnancies since they help to encourage healthy development of the child. It helps prevent Neural Tube Defect (NTD). Which is a birth defect that results from failure of the neural tube developing properly during early fetal development. If you are lacking in this type of nutrient, it may be necessary to choose a natural supplement that contains a higher dosage of folic acid. It could help you, even if you are not pregnant, to remain healthy.

The best source of any nutrient is actually a supplement over the whole food. The body absorbs almost 100 percent of folic acids in supplements and fortified foods, but only about half of the folate that is naturally occuring in foods. For this reason, consider which foods are high in this particular nutrient your body needs. That includes the following:

  • Black eyed peas are an excellent source of folate.

  • Fortified breakfast cereals supply most dietary folate. Most provide about 400 micrograms in a moderate serving.

  • Choose fiber rich Legumes as another bean choice packed with nutrition. Other beans, including kidney beans, great northern beans and lima beans are also great sources of folic acid.

  • Dark green leafy vegetables have a lot of folate in them.

  • Broccoli is another great source.

  • Choose iceberg lettuce. Other leafy vegetables to consider include spinach and romaine lettuce.

  • Asparagus, orange juice, liver, sunflower seeds, etc.

There are many other foods that you can consume to help give you the boost of folic acid your body needs to perform at its best level. For most adults, it is necessary to get at least 600 micrograms of foliate each day or more.

Folate Vulnerability

Folate actually a very fragile nutrient. It is highly sensitive to heat, Uv light, and oxygen. Also the methods used in cooking and processing the folate rich foods can destroy up to 90 percent of the folate. We recommend eating these foods raw or cooking them quickly using steam or stir fry.

Why It Matters

Folic acid helps to stimulate the growth of new cells in the body. This helps to encourage newer, healthy cells to form so that those that are unhealthy or filled with toxins can be replaced. The foods you eat play a big role in your overall health. Foods high in uric acid, for example, may stimulate the production of this by product in the body and for some, which can be problematic. Acid foods need to be balanced with low acid foods, too. To help create a pH balance in the body that discourages inflammation.

Finding The Best Food Choices

For most people, finding foods high in folic acid is easy enough to do, but getting enough into your diet can be hard. If this is the case, choose natural health supplements to add to your diet to boost your body's consumption of the necessary nutrient. Healthy foods to eat can help you to get all of the nutrition your body needs, if you purchase whole foods that do not contain pesticides and are grown properly. Otherwise, do supplement your diet to ensure you are getting the right level of nutrients. if you want to know what i recommend that you use as a natural highly concentrated food supplement that is rich in nutrients then contact me.

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