Acid Foods:
How To Balance Your Foods

Acid foods are often thought of as being bad for you. However, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, about 20 percent of your diet should be foods that have a higher acidic level than other foods you eat. The key is to find the best method for balancing the alkaline and acid combination of foods to ensure that your body is able to have a balanced pH level. The body should have a pH level of about 7.4. This means it is naturally alkaline, but it does need some sources of acidic foods to ensure it is not too alkaline.

There are some foods that are higher in acid than others. For the most part, you do want to minimize the presence of these foods in your diet. Of course, about 20 percent of your diet should be acidic.

  • Pastas are a common, good source of acidic nutrition, especially organic blends that are whole foods.

  • Eating the right types of meats is important. Avoid any type of meat that is too fatty or that is not organic.

  • You may want to choose fish as a way to add more acidic value to your diet. Keep in mind that you should learn the actual acidic level in these fish since they vary widely from one type to the next.

Keeping this in mind, realize that some foods actually have a very high level of acid and should be avoided. When you consume these, you really tip the scale in the acidic direction for your body, which is not where you want to be since this can encourage the development of inflammation and disease. Foods such as sugars, sodas, coffee and alcohol are all big problems for your body when you consume them.

Acid Is Not Everything

As you look for healthy foods to eat, remember that a whole foods diet is the route to take. Try to consume as many all natural foods available. This includes finding all natural health supplements to ensure that your body is getting the best overall quality nutrition level it needs. Choose to avoid foods high in uric acid, too, to give your body the best ability to function properly.

Focus On pH Balance

Having too many acid foods in your diet can be bad for your overall health. More so, many people have this type of diet and that is why many suffer from inflammation, obesity, hypertension and many other health conditions. However, you can make changes.

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